Saturday, March 21, 2015

VAMFF 2015: GQ Menswear Runway

 GQ Menswear Runway

Written By Melbourne and Georgette Editor
Soha Refaat
There are times when being a fashion editor is hard work - attending the GQ runway was definitely not one of these times, and If you take a look at some of the photos you'll see why.

The event was brimming with people - and for good reason. If the pretty boys weren't enough to keep you entertained, the pretty clothes certainly did the trick. 

As I sat by the runway admiring the chiselled jawlines, something dawned on me. Perhaps the ladies have more than a goodie bag to take away from a mens runway. With this season being dominated by androgynous cool vibes, the GQ runway provided some important lessons on tailoring and balance.

Make like the boys, and take androgyny beyond the monochrome realm. Experiment with camel, grey and taupe tones to add dimension to your look.

Clean lines and detailed accents always make for a showstopper.... How about adding a patterned scarf to that black two piece?

 Its always nice to go to  a runway that changes your perspectives... Perhaps now its time to be shopping in the mens section!

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Melbourne and Georgette

Friday, March 20, 2015

VAMFF: Premium Runway 6


Written By Melbourne and Georgette Founder
Georgia Power

The Cosmopolitan sponsored Premium Runway 6 on Wednesday night was probably our favourite of the festival so far!

Cameo, The Fifth Label, Finders Keepers, Shona Joy and Wild Horses were the designers - and the collections did not disappoint!

There were pastels, beautiful knits, leather, felted hats and jackets that all brought a chill to the crowd! It definitely inspired us to update our Winter/Autumn wardrobes.

Favourites for the evening: Cameo was flawless, and our personal pick for the best collection of #VAMFF yet.

Shona Joy
Monochrome central for Shona Joy’s designs! And she managed to enhance silhouettes with strong marle detailing throughout the collection. It was almost as if the designs were our summer favourites transformed for colder weather. This was achieved with the high necks and cape like jackets.

Finders Keepers
It was all about the framed fabrics and colour for the perfect nightwear by Finder Keepers on the runway. We especially loved the beautiful symmetrical lines and seams that just made each design pop.

Wild Horses
Wild Horses was established in early 2012 by Natalie Donovan and has managed to score a gig at #VAMFF again this year. Being such a young brand we were happily amazed at the designs. It was as though we were taken to the Australian outback with styles featuring lots of leather.

The thing we loved the most though was the big knitted scarfs, and making them a main feature of the designs.

The Fifth
The Fifth took casual wear to a new level – and we mean casual. Trackies in high fashion? Talk about comfortable. We loved how the chic pieces were also toned down by the cool as converses, jean jackets and stripes.

Cameo the Label took everyone by surprise on the runway by completely revamping their style into more classic designs, ready to wear for fashionable women. And the baby blue combined with the camel? We die.

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Melbourne and Georgette

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