Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Getting Race Day Ready at Chadstone, The Fashion Capital

Getting Race Day Ready At Chadstone, The Fashion Capital
Writen By Guest Blogger
Soha Refaat

Spring racing season is for many, the highlight of the fashion calendar. Amidst all the excitement though, generally lies an undertone of what I like to call "fashion anxiety". It starts with the age old, "what do I wear?" which progresses to, "Does this hat look stupid?" and then comes the doubt, "...does anyone even wear hats anymore?". All of this is then coupled with tireless laps of shopping centres in the desperate search of that perfect outfit. 

If all of that got your heart racing, fear not, for Chadstone the fashion capital extends its hand as your friendly fashion shrink.

Last weekend saw preparations for spring racing get well underway at the Fashion Capitals race-day ready styling sessions hosted by the delightful Scherri-Lee Briggs. The session was a comprehensive guide to navigating this seasons race wear trends and included segments from stylist Lana Wilkinson who shed light on how to wear new season’s SS14 trends, millinery advice from Geoff Measley of Morgan & Taylor and make up artistry tips from international cosmetics brand Shu Uemura. 

So lets break it down - What are we looking for this spring racing season? 

1. Colour
We saw it at Spring Fashion week, and We saw it again at the Chadstone styling sessions - Its all about the sorbet pastels, and bright splashes of colour. 

2. Clean Silhouettes
sleek lines are a hit this season - but dont think you're confined to the conventional tailored look. Experiment with A-line skirts, and varying hem lengths to suit your shape and personal style. 

This goes for millinery too - Its all about structure and geometry.

3. Understated Detail
Theres no escaping the minimalist craze thats sweeping the fashion world, but this racing season take it that extra step with finer details that add a whole new dimension to the look. Think texture, and embellishment but on a muted scale. Lace is also seeing a renaissance this season. 

Still unsure? Take a look at the style journey of International style icon and blogger Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper Girl (and the new fabulous Caulfield style ambassador) as she gets race-day ready. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

MSFW 2014: Emerging Designer Runway Series

MSFW 2014: Emerging Designer Runway Series
Writen By Guest Blogger
Soha Refaat

When you're learning, your brain is at it's most volatile. In fashion, volatility and spontaneity often create the most wonderful master pieces. Perhaps this is why the graduate showcases were such a delight to watch.

Between the two runways, we saw the best graduate pieces from Melbourne's fashion institutions such as Whitehouse institute of design, Kangan, Melbourne School of Fashion, Holmsglen and RMIT (who had their very own show!)

Queenie Umboh was a standout with her dark yet fantastical designs. I always find it inspiring when graduates - supposedly still learning - produce things worthy of being on established runways. 

Brooke Ross, was also a standout with her androgynous collection. "I played around with putting details where they're not supposed to be" said Brooke when I met with her before the show for a chat, and I must say the looks were simply stunning. Brooke's work was inspired by a play on the modern white shirt, and if this collection is anything to go by, I'm sure we will be seeing more of her in the future. 

 Marc Hatherly also wowed the crowd with his equally simple yet detailed styles. His work with fabric, texture and tailoring ensured his pieces transcended just being final year projects, and took them to another level. 

There must be something in the water at RMIT because their runway was in a league of its own. Pieces were inspired - a little crazy- but most importantly (and pretty difficult to find in Australian fashion these days) they were different. 

  Jessie Kiely's look was what appeared to be a deconstructed sofa.

This red collection by Natalie Kieleithner, inspired by fringes and middle eastern culture was my absolute favourite from the RMIT runway.

Grace Butterworth was also a hit with her on-trend streetwear.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

MSFW 2014: Spring Style Runway

MSFW 2014: Spring Style Runway 
Writen By Guest Blogger
Soha Refaat

During events like fashion week, it's easy to find yourself lusting after designer pieces, and falling in love with styles and later feeling lost when you go to your local shopping centre and the lights of the runway no longer lead the path to the perfect trends.

The spring style runway serves as a remedy to this. It focused on the high street, and converting the styles from the big runways into translatable inspiration for the everyday wardrobe. 

MSFW: Designer Runway 4

MSFW 2014: Designer Runway 4
Writen By Guest Blogger
Soha Refaat

If there was to be a single runway of the designer series that encapsulated the everyday, modern melbournian style, this would be it. 

Melbourne is sophisticated - but it certainly isn't uptight, and the same can be said for the looks shown. 

Bul opened the evening with the stunning deconstructed mustard trench. Bul redefined the boundaries of balance between tailoring and drapery - A kind of oxymoron if you will - untailored tailoring. Overall, an absolute winner. 

 Another favourite came from Chorus. The pieces were somewhat of a delightful contradiction. The silhouettes were mature and balanced, but the detail was explosive and playful. Hundreds of little plastic monkeys in an array of colours chattered on the runway, and it was nothing short of perfection.

The true hero for me however, came from a label I hadn't heard of previously - Above. It was graceful, it was modern, it was delicate and it was thoughtful. The muted tones were by no means an indicator of a muted garment. The detail in each of the pieces was both exquisite and extraodinary - and the bows around the neck were a touch of styling genius. 

Noteworthy pieces also came from former project runway contestant Matcho Suba, and also from Tettmann Doust

 Whilst Gorman isn't everyones cup of tea - I was impressed by their collection and how they've evolved their aesthetic. It has well and truly stayed true to character, but has also managed to grow, and develop that same character. Gorman brought us beautiful tropical prints, and tempered the bright colours with geometric angles and patterns. 

MSFW 2014: Designer Runway 3

MSFW 2014:Designer Runway 3
Writen By Guest Blogger
Soha Refaat

The best fashion is never one dimensional - it tells stories, and reflects personalities. The tensions between these dimensions, and the detail that represents them was the focus of designer runway 3. 

The word embellishment undertook several meanings in its representations - both the traditional sense of intricate detail, and its more modern counterpart of the nuances in design that make a piece great.
The show was nothing short of spectacular - complete with musicians to transport the audience to an exotic land of appreciation. Our usual favourites such as Arthur Galan, Nicola Finetti, and Yeojin Bae cemented their positions as industry leaders with their flawless looks. 

Angular lines and geometry (which are quickly becoming a recurrent theme of fashion week this year) made their mark, as did block whites, which were elevated by detail.

 Newer to the scene however, and arguably the most showstopping was the freelancing of prints. Colours, prints and cuts knew no boundaries in their interaction - and somehow, it miraculously, and indeed beautifully worked perfectly. 

Particular kudos is to be given to the less known pioneers of this fabulous new trend - Christine, and Nevenka.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

MSFW: Nike Runway

MSFW 2014: Nike Runway 
Writen By Guest Blogger
Soha Refaat

Nike's 'just do it' slogan perfectly encapsulates the effortless yet refined aesthetic that hallmarked their runway. 

The show was reminiscent of a urban take on the typical Victoria's Secret runway. Melbourne based rapper 'REMi' had the crowd pumped, and Australian soccer star Kyah Simon opened the show.

In a clever bid to capitalize upon, and evolve the current sports luxe trend we all love so much, Nike both wowed and educated a packed hub with their fusion of sportswear and designer luxe. The sports wear label teamed up with local designers like Michael Lo Sordo to create the stunning and highly wearable looks. Sneakers were paired with minimalist suits, and the classic nike hoodie was transformed into a fashion staple. 


MSFW 2014: Designer Runway 2

MSFW 2014: Designer Runway 2 
Writen By Guest Blogger
Soha Refaat

Designer runway two taught a captivated audience why less certainly is more at last night's spectacular runway. 

A resounding theme of the runway was the evolution of a current trend - Black and white are no longer the safe haven of minimalist style. Colour and texture both made their debut onto the minimalist scene, with clean, refined lines accentuated by bright tones and graphic prints. 

Manning Cartell, Life with Bird, and Alice McCall were particular standouts as they pushed the boundaries of what we know to be contemporary minimalism, and tempered the trend with their clever use of detail and tailoring. 

This jumpsuit by Alice McCall was a personal favourite. Its sleek tailoring, and playful yet simultaneously tasteful use of colour and embelishment made for an absolute show stopper.

Another favourite, also from Alice McCall was this juxtaposition of prints, and fabric texture. 

Life with Bird, one of my favourite labels did not disappoint with this sorbet delight! The delicately perforated neoprene coupled with the clever use of colour ensured the look built upon, but did not veer away from the label's minimalist aesthetic.