Colours in Winter

Although I love a little black on black action myself, I
can’t help but feel guilty when leaving the house. It can be quite depressing
just wearing dark colours and feeling like you’re in mourning, so recently I have
tried to spice it up.
With the weather in Melbourne becoming a bit nipish (okay a
lot nipish), I see girls shivering because they are wearing trendy tops made
for summer. Don’t be stupid people! You don’t have to be cold to look good.
I’m all about the orange recently, orange lipstick and tops
in particular. And I mean a warm orange in particular, but I’m not impartial to
wear the crazy version. This colour not only lifts the mood, but it is also
great for autumn (Just like the leaves! – I’m so poetic). I got most of my
inspiration from Michael Kors 2012 spring collection, that and someone at
fashion week saw my pants one day, and my top the next and decided they would
work well together.
                                                            Michael Kors                           Yves Saint Laurent
                   Pants & top: Supre $39 shoes: Tony Bianco $179

Dark maroon jeans are everywhere at the moment. And even
though I like to be original in what I wear, these are practical! They just
brighten an outfit up, and it means I can wear my black wool tops without
feeling I look like someone just died.
This gold necklace is a bit different to the typical flat
ones you see around. I LOVE it so much; it gives a whole new dimension to an
                                                             Necklace from Diva $19.95

Just another trend. Melbourne and Georgette thought you should know! 
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