Good Ol’ Side Boob

I’m one of those people, the ones that loves to flaunt every good aspect of their body. And I find there is nothing sexier than a good old side boob action. 

We’ve seen it evolve and change. I’ve seen it on Miranda Kerr, Miley Cyrus, Anne Hathaway and many more, but recently it has become a massive melbourne trend. And one I particularly enjoy! 

As the award season is in full bloom, I’m seeing more and more celebrities opting for the more adventurous style choice. This side-boob style seems to be rubbing off in Melbourne stores, in particular the online sites. 
This dress I got from Lucy in the Sky called “Hide, Seek and Seduce”. Although I’m still waiting for my belt to arrive, I have already worn it twice. It allows me to bring out my naughty side and be adventurous and stylish without been described as well…. a hoe. 
I have to put it out there that this dress might not suit those flat chested girls, sorry ladies, but there are some things you need breasts for and this is one of them.

I teamed it up with my favourite gold necklace (of course) and my black and girl earrings. If I did have the belt it would make the outfit so go for the new trend of metal plated belts:
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xx Georgia
    1. Hi Alison! Thanks for your comment! I'm a large C and I used to be a D. It really depends on the shape of your boobs but I'm sure it would be fine, you just need to get a bigger size so you don't have TOO much side boob

    1. Here found biggest and finest boobs as you ever seen. Come back and check new boobs every day and every night!Today's attraction is nude Shikha Gupta in swimming pool showing nips,with tight bra and wet sky panty###

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