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Of Christmas this year my sister decided to get me a subscription to Shop Till You Drop to help with my fashion obsession. It is probably the best thing she has every gotten me and I have requested it for every present from now on.

The first mag I got was their February issue, which basically has nothing over $100 (single items) in it.

Being a full time student and blogger – who also enjoys free weekends – I don’t have much time for work and I am living off a part time salary.

So how do I cope? I must say the hardest thing is flicking through online pages and magazines and spotting something I love, only to be left with a gaping hole in my heart when I look at the price tag.

The one thing I always say to people when shopping is “Jee, I wish I had lots and lots of money so that the price of an outfit doesn’t ever bother me again”. I’m also positive I am not the only one saying these things.

When I received the Feb issue I was definitely excited. I don’t mind spending around $300 on a whole outfit and this issue really helped.

So here are some idea’s to get your credit card and bank account feeling much better after a shopping spree:

Cotton On

One of the most mentioned brands in the Feb issue is Cotton On. And I’ve got to tell you people, when I’m short for cash but I still want to make a good impression it’s my first stop.

Always have a good blazer. Almost every one at Cotton On is around the $50 mark and are all great styles and fit.Here are some great items:

Simba Blazer $49.95

I have this particular blazer in the blue, white and also lightning yellow. I love the pattern on the lining, which makes rolling up the sleeves extra stylish

Nala Jacquad Blazer $49.95

They also have some simple and fashionable tops in at the moment.

Diver Jacquard Peplum $19.95 (Matches Blazer)
Cyrus Long Line Tee now only $15

Ivy Raglan Fitted Tee $14.95

The best thing about the really cheap stuff is that you can always go buy another one. I also really like how you can create your own style. Always take a look at their website,, and in stores for some great items. 

Also you can never go past ASOS, every month I buy the same t-shirt for $9.15 (Comes in navy, black and maroon), because I LOVE it so much and always wear it. The day they stop selling it will be a sad day for me. Simple t-shirts work really well with out there skirts, pants and blazers. It just tones it down to a fashionable casual wear. Its great for Uni!

ASOS New Classic T-Shirt $9.15

I recently went on a shopping spree for some cool stuff that wasn’t going to cost me a fortune. They also go well with the simple ASOS top above. When they arrive I will definitely post photos.

ASOS Pencil Skirt in Floral Print $58.26
ASOS High Waisted Shorts in Bold Strips $49.94

Always look in the fashion magazines – like shop till you drop – for some great ideas on affordable fashion. You can’t all start out buying designer labels, especially if you are a student like me. It takes time and a full time job! Or inheritance….

Don’t let people get you down just because you are wearing a cheaper brand, I used to, then I realised some of the things I was wearing were fantastic pieces of clothing.

And some more advice? NEVER and I mean NEVER shop at Supre (Unless for basics aka singlet tops) it’s just like the rules of feminism!

Until next time!

Melbourne and Georgette

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