Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Day 1 – Group Swim


From designer Kristen Sikiotis comes the collect from Summer 2013/14. Inspired by Sikiotis’ love of the sun, life and all that inspires.
I really enjoyed the common styles and bright colours. It was a mixture of some sporty elements and sunny swimwear. Sikiotis said the collection inspiration first came from a Rodriguez song called “Silver Magic Ships”, the sing from MIA and photos by Bill Henson and Harper Smith.

SKYE & Staghorn

Known for its “chic and athletic” swimwear SKYE and Staghorn rocked the runway. 
The highlight was the use of colour with pops of nautical, khaki greens, camos and soft hues of orange.
What I loved most about this collection is that it designed to accentuate the female figure.


Gypsea was definitely the highlight of the show. Such intricate use of patterns and fabrics. The peacock green is a favourite!
The designer was influenced by classical elements; Earth, Water, Air and Fire as well as the colours that are found in nature.
Check out the cat bathers below! A big favourite with the crowds and definitely my favourite from the whole show!

Surface Too Deep

Esther Miro and Sarah-Jane Abraham really utilised fabric patterns, however I felt like some of their designs (not all of them, but a few) didn’t really suit a woman’s figure and really didn’t look appealing.
I love flower fabric, so that really made a difference in my positive view of the collection.

Melbourne and Georgette

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