Met Gala 2013

Melbourne and Georgette would like to point of the best, and most importantly the worst (of which there are many), dressed at the gala this year. 

With the theme ‘Punk: Chaos To Couture’ there was some wild gowns, but I still loved the class that celebrities just could not let go of. 

Here are some of my favourites from the night:

Cara Delevingne

I really love this Burberry gown because it fits into the theme, while maintaining its gown aspect. Plus Cara looks fantastic on it. The stud look is still making its way through the fashion world. 
Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence had no real form of Punk in her outfit, but thats just her way of actually being Punk, and cooler than everyone else. This Dior gown and her veil really remind me of her actual Dior campaign. Any who, I love this look, so beautiful against her porcelain skin. 
Beyonce Knowles
Beyonce just proved why she is the queen of originality at the Gala with Givenchy Haute Couture gown. I just love the fabric and the intricacy of this material. Apparently she had her own personal train manager to make sure it was always sitting properly. Thats dedication people! 

Carey Mulligan
This dress by Alexander Wang suits Mulligans soft features without being too overbearing. I love the sleek shape, which just enhances her gorgeous body.

Taylor Swift

I love this black J.Mendel dress, mixed with beautiful lace and a neck piece to tie it all together. I must admit its one of the best dresses I have ever seen Taylor Swift wear, and so classy! 

Jessica Alba
Usually I am not a massive fan of the tacky cut out dress, but when its Jessica Alba in a Tory Burch gown, who could not love it! The fish tail just finishes the dress off with the right about of rock and class.

Ivanka Trump

Ivanka wore Juan Carlos Obando gown which just screams sex on legs. The split make the outfit far risker and yet she still maintains a level of class. It is all about the balance and Trump pulled it off. I also adore this particular colour of green, which goes so well with navy.

Rooney Mara
Finally Rooney Mara would have to be my favourite for the night. She opted to use make-up for the Punk aspect with dark purple lips and then matched it with a Givenchy gown. This dress is beautiful and the lace used contrasts greatly with the inside out zip.
Now I am warning you, you may choke on some vomit when looking at some of the worst dressed at the Gala. Here are a few:
Miley Cyrus
Oh Miley, Miley, Miley. How could you even think that this mesh Marc Jacob’s dress is flattering? How could a stylist think that as well? It’s strange that I’ve seen so many articles applauding her for her outfit choice. ARE YOU ALL INSANE? Miley you look like a drunk prostitute, sorry.
Kylie Minogue 
Eh. Thats the feeling you get from this dress. I don’t think it suits Kylie what so ever, and its just plain boring.

Tommy Hilfiger and Dee Hilfiger

I don’t even know what to say.

Kim Kardashian
I get that Kim is pregnant, but this Riccardo Tisci gown just makes her look like a piece of carpet. It puts on weight in all the wrong places, and to me makes her baby bump just look blended. She should be wearing something that really brings that beautiful bump out. 
Kristen Stewart
Kristen wore a Stella McCartney pant jumpsuit, and while I don’t mind the outfit itself, it just doesn’t suit her. It just makes her look too up and down, and doesn’t accentuate any flattering part of her body.
Anne Hathaway
Anne wore a Valentino gown to the Gala, and boldly went blonde. I actually think the dress and the hair suit her. However, WHAT’S WITH THE FEATHER SLEVES! Blegh, so tacky.
Katy Perry
Katy Perry already has the Punk aspect down pact. And this Dolce and Gabbana dress just makes her look like a grandmother. Team it up with a crown and she looks like she’s gone to a bad dress up party

Do I have to say it again? Girl, what on earth were you thinking?! This is the Met Gala, and your my dear, have not a pinch of class.
Here are some other gowns, both good and bad from the Gala:

What are you thoughts on the dresses? Let me know by comment!
Love Melbourne and Georgette
  1. I really enjoy these 'award show fashion' posts. You're really spot on! you should score celeb fashion every week!

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