The Best Foundation in the World

It’s time. Melbourne and Georgette is stepping into the beauty realm. I have thought about doing it for a while and I find that Make-up has become as much a part of fashion than the designs themselves. 

So for my first beauty post I am going to tell you about the best foundation in the World. I know a lot of people must say that, but seriously, once you try this you will never change your brands ever again.

I must admit when I was younger and poor I dabbled in L’Oreal. When I was in high school, working all weekends and having more money than I knew what to do with, I used MAC foundation. MAC wasn’t bad but it was quite thick and left me feeling cakey and fake. 

However, when I got to university and I was poor again, I had to find something that was cheap, and moreover, worth my cash. 

When my friend came to class one day glowing, I immediately asked her what make-up she was wearing. Next thing I knew I was dashing to the store to grab it.

Origins Stay Tuned is light and silky and probably best for oily skin types. 

It comes in 18 different shades and still has a reasonable price tag. Origins Stay Tuned is around $23 US dollars and about $34-38 Australian. You can find it at Myer if you live in Aus. 
What I love about this foundation the most is that I can still use my basic powders, bronzers and highlighters over the top without making the layers thick and cakey. It’s flattering when your skin, with layers of make-up, looks completely natural. Definitely a 10 out of 10.
I also highly recommend the Origin Skin Care range. I’ve never used anything that makes me my face feel and look healthy as much as this product.
Until next time.
Melbourne and Georgette
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  1. I haven't used this foundation myself but I do really like their skin care.. Mental note to self – check this foundation out! Just picking colours, especially when shopping online is a pain so I wanted to share a website that helps with that: ps beauty does a foundation finder that gives you colour and product recommendations. I normally shop online so this really helps!

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