Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week 2013 – Day One

The 2013 Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week kicked off to a sizzling start this week with Day 1 featuring only one designer, renowned Versace.

The collection, named Atelier, features beautiful dark haunting colours, combined with delicate Swarovski crystals. The collection has a recurrent gothic feel to it and is sure to stay imprinted in your mind.

The designs used are unique, trying, and succeeding, to accentuate the delicate, but sharp and sexual female form. 

The presence of Naomi Campell, who hasn’t been part of the lines catwalk family since the death of Gianni Versace, gave the show an even more powerful presence. 

Overall a great start to the Fashion Week. Below are some of the most admired designs.

First written and published for Fashion Global.
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