Most Fashionable Woman in Australia?

With the upcoming election, all I am ever hearing these days is policy this and he did that. To be honest It is really starting to get on my nerves, and I am actually considering copping the fine instead of voting.

But there is one thing I am looking forward to when it comes to the 2013 election…What will Quentin Bryce be wearing when she swears in the new Australian Prime Minister?

Over the years I have always been surprised by Quentin’s style and class. 

When she ever pops up in the news you will usually hear me exclaim “Oh, Quentin, you’ve done it again!” 

It is a clear reminder to people out there that you can get older and uglier but if you have great style, you are still young.

Quentin always get things tailored for her body shape, which is important if you are in between sizes. She also aims to accentuate her best features, such as using high cut jackets and tops to emphasise her neck, which is long and lean. 

She also uses a colour palate to suit her pale skin, and always appears to be glowing, making her look younger.

Mostly importantly she wears amazing jewellery, which will make any outfit more noticeable  I hope she will wear her pearls at the next appearance. 

Here are some of my favourite outfits of her’s over the years:

The question on my lips is what will she wear next? My bets are on a blue number.
Melbourne and Georgette

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  1. What a GMILF.
    She can be the queen's representative to my pants any day.
    I'd like to join the judiciary so that she can separate my powers
    She gives me royal assent… in my pants
    I'd like to double dissolve her clothes.
    She can use her s64 Constitutional powers to appoint my minister

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