Beauty Review: The Benefit of Eyebrows

Hi all!

So excited to review an amazing product on Melbourne and Georgette! 

As time goes on in this world we are getting more involved in the beauty industry. Things I am wearing now, I never would have even heard of 10 years ago. 

Brow-zing by Benefit is a perfect example of this. 

About two years ago I never considered putting anything on my eyebrows, in fact the thought of it would have been strange. But as I grew up and my eyebrows thinned out a bit I realised I needed to define them more.

Not only does defining eyebrows make them look thick and lush, it also helps bring out your eyes and brighten up your face along with contour lines.

Now I’ve done it I’m never going back.

It took me a while to find the right product for my eyebrows, as nothing really stayed put, or it ran out too quickly.

Brow-zing is actually amazing. I can’t even comprehend to you readers how much I love this product. The angled brush makes it easy for those first time users to get an even line, while the filler brush helps blend and define. 

Brow-zing retails for around $40-50 Australian dollars depending on where it is purchased. Sometimes it can be found cheaper online. You can get it at any Benefits Brow Bar in David Jones and Myer. 

It might be a bit expensive for a small thing, but it is more than worth it.

The video below gives you a look at what the Brow-zing can do!

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