The New Fashion Accessory

At last a chocolate bar for the ladies! Big on taste and quality, yet elegant in size! Not only am I one for fashion, but also the temptations of life. 

They say good things come in small packages – now chocolate lovers (and lovers of the famous
Lindor Ball) can rejoice with the release of the new Lindor Milk Chocolate Bar from Lindt.

Lindt has transformed the irresistibly smooth Lindor Milk Ball into a convenient 38g bar size so it
can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.

The new Lindor Bar is every woman’s answer to a frantically busy day. Escape into a moment of
bliss with the bar’s smooth melting filling surrounded by the finest milk chocolate shell.

The Lindor Bar is the premium chocolate bar you have been waiting for. Beautifully packaged in a
slim wrapping of striking red and gold, oozing Lindor’s sophisticated signature style, it’s perfect to
pop in your handbag for a sweet treat on the go! 

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