Let’s Be Frank

Have you met Frank? I have. We have an – lets say – extremely intimate relationship. He wakes me up in the morning and oh my goodness…he knows what I like.

He also makes me feel good about my body, and encourages me to get rid of those nasty stretch marks on my hips and the bumps of cellulite on my bum.

Bit confused now? Perhaps you thought I was talking about a mysteriously sexy man – well Frank is definitely sexy, but not a man.

No, Frank is a body scrub. And quite possibly the best body scrub in the world (no exaggeration).

Get naked, get dirty, get rough, get clean.

People are flocking to order this amazing beauty product and I thought it was about time I let you know why it’s so amazing.

A mixture of coffee, essential oils, vitamins and antioxidants leaves your skin looking great and feeling even better. 

And you’re asking what else it does? Well it gets rid of stretch marks and cellulite. I bet you are sitting there going come off it…no scrub can do that.

Well ladies and gentleman…Frank does that. 

I have seen a lot of people asking around if it really works and I can say it works 110%. 

After only two uses I definitely noticed a difference in the diminishing of cellulite on my back legs/bum and the stretch marks on my hips. It also cured those annoying eczema bumps I get on my legs and I have tried for years to get rid of those.

Frank comes in a sealable brown packet that can sit in your shower for when you need it. As far as I can tell the outside is fairly water proof. 

The packet has lasted me about 10 uses, as sometimes I focus more on one area than another and try not to use too much product. I still have enough for one more big scrub.

And apart from all its benefits, what is awesome about Frank? It’s only $14.95.

Yep, you read that right! Cheap and as chips! 

So forget those expensive face and body products, Frank is your new man.

You can purchase Frank online at Frank Body, but just so you know, there is a month waiting list on this bad boy. Don’t let this deter you! Frank is well worth the wait – and not to mention you’ll be entertained with some hilarious emails from Frank along the way.

You can also follow frank on Instagram for some great laughs (This is PR done right people!)

Well! I’m off to buy some more Frank. And remember…

Get naked, get dirty, get rough, get clean.


Melbourne and Georgette

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