The Secret to Perfect Make-Up


I have a little secret that I am going to let you in on. Some people may have heard it before, and I am going to confirm these rumours.

Real Techniques brushes will give your that air brushed look you’ve always wanted when putting on make-up.

No more streaks, blotches or cakey foundation! These brushes will leave you looking photo ready and beautiful every day!

“Designed with pro makeup artists Sam + Nic Chapman, Real Techniques brushes combine high-tech materials with innovative design to make creating a pixel-perfect look easier than ever”

I have come across many tutorials on youtube that rave about these brushes, and as if fate came into play, they all of a sudden started stocking them in Australia at Priceline.
The brushes themselves are soft, versatile and easy to use. Not only does Real Techniques place the names of each brush on the side, but they also colour code the brush depending on its use – e.g. Gold for a “flawless base“, pink for a “perfect finish” and purple for “enhanced eyes“. This makes it super easy for me to remember what brush I use for every step. 
The four brushes I purchased do the job
Not only does each brush come individually packaged, but you can also purchase the Travel Pack Essentials, which contains the basic brushes and is great if you don’t want to go overboard.
Another fantastic aspect about this collection is that they are extremely affordable! While a bit more expensive in Australia, you can always find a cheaper deal on eBay (although the quality and authenticity may come into play here – so be sure to check the user’s ratings!)
Real Technique brushes are taking the world by storm with raving reviews from magazines such as People, Seventeen, Cosmopolitan to Elle. The brushes were even endorsed by Oprah herself!

I have read around that the brushes do fall apart sometimes but I have yet to experience that. Of course I will update you all if this does happen – but overall I am so glad I brought these items and they have become my number one favourite in my Make-up Case.
I swear it will change the way you use your Make-up, and make you feel more confident about applying blush, bronzer and most importantly, foundation.
Next week I will be doing a youtube review and tutorial using these brushes so keep an eye out!
Until next time beauties!
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