H&M Takes on Melbourne

H&M, a brand that resonates throughout the world, has
landed and opened its doors in Melbourne, Australia.
Situated in Melbourne’s grand GPO we can now proudly say, suck on that

But on another note wow! What an amazing example of
perfected Visual Merchandising and architecture. With beautiful white walls, clean contemporary finishes, three spacious levels and manikins on swings hanging from the grand ceiling, it is
truly a shoppers dream. It is the second biggest H&M in the world and it’s all ours.

You could say it almost looks and feels like a huge library of
The launch took place on Thursday Night and it was
well worth the wait. There was even a cheeky surprise set from Haim which left
the audience gasping “what the hell just happened!”. They opened the doors to the public Friday morning with a rush of people wanting to experience the international brand first hand.
Thankfully, unlike Zara, H&M has retained its affordable
prices making it the new go to store for young teenagers and students wanting
to add a cutting edge piece to their wardrobe.
However that being said, I saw the line there today. Working
in retail means I know how hard it is to keep a store clean, and my store is an
average size, unlike the huge GPO.  So it
left me wondering, with the consistent flow of customers for the next few months, whether or not they will able to maintain a beautiful VM guide that the GPO
building in all its wonder deserves.
I myself have resigned to the fact that I should wait for
the crowds to die down before I take the new shop on. Thankfully, I have had my
fair share of H&M shopping escapades in my past (so its not like I NEED to
experience it just yet).
In the meantime enjoy some of the photos from the launch and opening!

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