The Blank Canvas

Suzie Vella is the proud designer and creator of the gorgeous Sydney label, Pizzuto. I was lucky enough to sit down with her over Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia and talk to her about her brand.

Molecular Collection coming soon
Black Canvas Designs

Pizzuto is launching its new collection – Blank Canvas – and I have to say I was super impressed by what I saw.

The thing I love about Suzie is that she is down to earth. She connects to the everyday person, whether they run a small blog – like myself, or a simple university student. She doesn’t judge and all her designs reflect this nature. They are simple yet unique, classy yet rebellious, tamed yet wild. 

Suzie and I at the Pizzuto showing

Blank Canvas aims to stay valuable to the wearer for many years and Suzie expressed that she wanted the customers to feel as though they “can style it any way they want!”.

My Millennia Orange Gown now available online for $259

Her inspiration comes from those who shop at her boutique and their feedback. She wanted it to be something they want to wear over and over again, to be personal and special.

It was such an honour to meet Suzie – and her amazing and bubbly sales assistant Jade – and I was so impressed by what they showed me I invested in a Pizzuto piece myself – as you can probably see in the photos! I can’t wait to wear some more Pizzuto designs in the future!

You can visit the Pizzuto website and purchase their designs by clicking here


Melbourne and Georgette

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