The Emmy’s Fashion 2014

The Emmy’s Fashion 2014
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Once again, the Emmy’s have come around. As per usual there have been hits, and some seriously disturbing misses. 

Bright corals, blues and neutrals were definitely the favourite colour choice when it came to the gowns and as always the men never put a step wrong. 
So let’s take a look into the glamour – and horror – of the 2014 Emmy Awards. 

Natalie Dormer

Natalie looked absolutely gorgeous in her J Mendel gown. Not many people can pull of a high neckline with a high shoulder cut, but Natalie managed it. She also maintained class while doing it! And I’ll keep saying it again and again, orange and black are the best combination! Orange is the new black? Come on guys its the Emmys!

Julia Roberts 

You guys know how much I love Elie Saab, and today is no exception. Julia looked phenomenal, and a picture if class, in her ES gown. And the embellishments? To die for!

Ty Burrell

Ty looked very classy in his navy suit. Although I couldn’t get a name for his designer, I believe he managed to pull of the sexy nerd with the glasses too! 

Heidi Klum

I have to put it to Heidi, she looked beautiful this year in a Zac Posen ensemble. Her gown was simple and elegant. The cut framed her body perfectly and the colour did wonders for her. The sleeve dropping at the back just added the final touches the dress needed. 

Matthew McConaughey 

Matthew took a new spin on suits with his Dolce and Gabbana outfit. In a strange way, he managed to pull it off and show that yes, navy and black do work together, thank you very much. 

Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu in Zac Posen? Nailed it. She is just so beautiful in this outfit… And in general. 

Allison Williams

I don’t know why, but there is something completely cute about this Giambattista Vallli Couture gown. Very anime and sophisticated at the same time! The detail underneath the lace on the bodice is also very complex, appealing to me even more. 

Lena Headey

Lena, you’re mysterious and sexy. I like it. This Rubin Singer number may be basic but it suits her attitude and personality. Definitely an eye catcher in black!

Lena Dunham 

I hate to say it, but Lena kind of looks like a cupcake here – Or one of those barbie cakes! I can appreciate the splendour of the layered skirt but I feel the top needed to be a more fitted style to balance out the outfit. 

Christina Hendricks

I just find this whole Marchesa gown frumpy. The gatherings are just too all over the place for me, and makes Christina look a lot older than she is. Perhaps a good dress for Meryl Streep? 

Laura Prepon

Laura, no. What is it with the stars and the design making them older than they are! You just look strange. Like a mix between an air hostess and an alien. Sorry, not sorry.

Mayim Bialik

Hold up people. Did Princess D’s dress get dyed blue? Minus the puffy sleeves and lace of course. Alas, I do not find this gown attractive AT ALL. Beautiful lace gone wrong! And definitely the wrong person to wear it. Mayim, wear something that suits your body type!

To be honest I could go on all night long about the best and the worst of the Emmy’s this year, because there was many on both sides. However, hopefully I have given you a glimpse into the night and you enjoyed my opinions once again. Until next time people!

Melbourne and Georgette
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