MSFW 2014: Taking Shape

 MSFW 2014: Taking Shape
Writen By Guest Blogger
Soha Refaat

People often say fashion is self expression. If this is true, then Taking Shape (TS) is a democratising force. 

was shining, and the girls at TS were too. TS produces high street ‘plus size’ fashion for ladies sized 12-24.  The Taking shape runway
veered away from the typical, more sombre runway format we’re used to,
and was more of a celebration than a showcase. The atmosphere at the
show was energised, passionate and overwhelmingly fun. It was almost
surreal – there was cheering and clapping, and a genuine sense of
audience involvement

designs whilst beautiful, were not the heroes of the show. For me, it
was the idea that fashion’s horizons are expanding, and more people get
to jump on board and have fun whilst doing so.

Ultimately, was it a perfect runway that would leave the harshest vogue critic speechless? No, but perhaps that’s okay, because TS isn’t so much about clothes, as it is about empowering women.

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Georgia Power 
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