MSFW 2014: Designer Runway 3

MSFW 2014:Designer Runway 3
Writen By Guest Blogger
Soha Refaat

The best fashion is never one dimensional – it tells stories, and reflects personalities. The tensions between these dimensions, and the detail that represents them was the focus of designer runway 3. 
The word embellishment undertook several meanings in its representations – both the traditional sense of intricate detail, and its more modern counterpart of the nuances in design that make a piece great.
The show was nothing short of spectacular – complete with musicians to transport the audience to an exotic land of appreciation. Our usual favourites such as Arthur Galan, Nicola Finetti, and Yeojin Bae cemented their positions as industry leaders with their flawless looks. 
Angular lines and geometry (which are quickly becoming a recurrent theme of fashion week this year) made their mark, as did block whites, which were elevated by detail.
 Newer to the scene however, and arguably the most showstopping was the freelancing of prints. Colours, prints and cuts knew no boundaries in their interaction – and somehow, it miraculously, and indeed beautifully worked perfectly. 
Particular kudos is to be given to the less known pioneers of this fabulous new trend – Christine, and Nevenka.

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