MSFW: Designer Runway 4

MSFW 2014: Designer Runway 4
Writen By Guest Blogger
Soha Refaat

If there was to be a single runway of the designer series that encapsulated the everyday, modern melbournian style, this would be it. 
Melbourne is sophisticated – but it certainly isn’t uptight, and the same can be said for the looks shown. 
Bul opened the evening with the stunning deconstructed mustard trench. Bul redefined the boundaries of balance between tailoring and drapery – A kind of oxymoron if you will – untailored tailoring. Overall, an absolute winner. 

 Another favourite came from Chorus. The pieces were somewhat of a delightful contradiction. The silhouettes were mature and balanced, but the detail was explosive and playful. Hundreds of little plastic monkeys in an array of colours chattered on the runway, and it was nothing short of perfection.

The true hero for me however, came from a label I hadn’t heard of previously – Above. It was graceful, it was modern, it was delicate and it was thoughtful. The muted tones were by no means an indicator of a muted garment. The detail in each of the pieces was both exquisite and extraodinary – and the bows around the neck were a touch of styling genius. 

Noteworthy pieces also came from former project runway contestant Matcho Suba, and also from Tettmann Doust

 Whilst Gorman isn’t everyones cup of tea – I was impressed by their collection and how they’ve evolved their aesthetic. It has well and truly stayed true to character, but has also managed to grow, and develop that same character. Gorman brought us beautiful tropical prints, and tempered the bright colours with geometric angles and patterns. 

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