MSFW 2014: Emerging Designer Runway Series

MSFW 2014: Emerging Designer Runway Series
Writen By Guest Blogger
Soha Refaat

When you’re learning, your brain is at it’s most volatile. In fashion, volatility and spontaneity often create the most wonderful master pieces. Perhaps this is why the graduate showcases were such a delight to watch.
Between the two runways, we saw the best graduate pieces from Melbourne’s fashion institutions such as Whitehouse institute of design, Kangan, Melbourne School of Fashion, Holmsglen and RMIT (who had their very own show!)

Queenie Umboh was a standout with her dark yet fantastical designs. I always find it inspiring when graduates – supposedly still learning – produce things worthy of being on established runways. 
Brooke Ross, was also a standout with her androgynous collection. “I played around with putting details where they’re not supposed to be” said Brooke when I met with her before the show for a chat, and I must say the looks were simply stunning. Brooke’s work was inspired by a play on the modern white shirt, and if this collection is anything to go by, I’m sure we will be seeing more of her in the future. 
 Marc Hatherly also wowed the crowd with his equally simple yet detailed styles. His work with fabric, texture and tailoring ensured his pieces transcended just being final year projects, and took them to another level. 
There must be something in the water at RMIT because their runway was in a league of its own. Pieces were inspired – a little crazy- but most importantly (and pretty difficult to find in Australian fashion these days) they were different. 
  Jessie Kiely’s look was what appeared to be a deconstructed sofa.
This red collection by Natalie Kieleithner, inspired by fringes and middle eastern culture was my absolute favourite from the RMIT runway.
Grace Butterworth was also a hit with her on-trend streetwear.

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