Spring Racing: Caulfield Cup

Spring Racing: The Caulfield Cup
Writen By Guest Blogger
Soha Refaat from The Style Kiosk

Spring racing season is officially in full swing, with the Caulfield Cup hallmarking the beginning of the major events.
This year more than ever Caulfield has been less about the horses, and more about the fabulous fillies. The pegasus marquee was a fashionista heaven, with the likes of the lovely Lana Wilkinson, and Scherri Lee Briggs handing out useful lessons in race-wear elegance and style. 
The fashion at Caulfield this season was nothing short of delightful, and no doubt gave us a little taste of what to come, so listen up ladies because racing season is just warming up! 
1. Bend the (dress code) rules
The races are reknown for their strict dress codes, but this year there seems to be some hope of softening them a little. Try a sneaky crop, or perhaps even a pant-suit set – it’s all about experimenting!
2. The shoes
The shoes are what get the ladies the most during racing season. Its this constant tension between comfort and style, and no doubt style almost always wins out (I can totally last all day in these!) and come 6pm you’re struggling to fight back the hot tears from those horrific blisters. Ladies, I have a solution! The mule. The thick heel, with the support though the arch of the foot means you’re guaranteed a comfy and stylish day out. 
3. Millenry 
The wide brim hat will always hold you in good stead, but this year all of my favorite pieces have been much more demure. Think small, geometric shapes with attention to detail. This year bigger doesnt quite seem to be better, so try something a little smaller – I promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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