12 Days of Christmas – KissKill Lingerie

12 Days of Christmas
KissKill Lingerie

Written By Melbourne and Georgette Blogger
Georgia Power 

Watch out readers, KissKill is the next big thing in
Australian lingerie, and the perfect gift for Christmas!
Each piece is beautifully designed by the founder, Jane
Carrodus, and can now be purchased at their brand new store on Chapel Street or online.

Melbourne and Georgette was lucky enough to work with
KissKill to bring you a preview of some great gift ideas from their collection!
The combination of leather and sheer fabrics is the perfect balance between naughty and nice, while keeping it feminine and playful. Each garment is unique and comfortable. We loved the sexy zip halters, that made each piece even more exciting. 
The lingerie is complimented by layering different items, likened to styles in the high fashion world. 
These designs are every man’s fantasy and every woman’s dirty secret.
So sit back, relax, enjoy a bit of eggnog and take a look at our 12 Days of Christmas KissKill editorial.

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