12 Days of Christmas – Honey Tans

12 Days of Christmas
Honey Tans

Written By Melbourne and Georgette Blogger
Georgia Power 

If you live in Melbourne, I have a new gift that you need to get onto this Christmas!

Honey Tans is an amazing spray tanning business run solely by entrepreneur Liz Dunne.

So what, may you ask, makes Honey Tans stand out from other spray tanning businesses? Well, for one the price point. Liz only charges $25 dollars per tan. Secondly she uses a new method, that gives you incredible, streak and orange free coverage. 

Honey Tans uses two brands to suit your specific skin type. Vani-T and also an organic brand that develops to the melanin in your skin. 

If you want a perfect tan, head to their Instagram, @honeytans, or their Facebook Page


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