SkinnyMe Tea Review

SkinnyMe Tea

Written By Melbourne and Georgette Editor
Georgia Power 
After an amazing four-month trip in Europe I came home with
a lot of baggage. A couple of pairs of shoes, plenty of dresses and well, 6kg
of extra weight on the scales.
To be honest, when I first saw how much I put on I thought,
hey, fair enough! It will come off in a couple of weeks. After a while I
realised that this time round, just waiting wasn’t going to work as it had in
the past. Clearly, my metabolism had slowed down in the last year, making it a
lot harder to loose the weight.
I started feeling gross and uneasy about my body, which has
never happened before. For the first time I was really insecure about myself.
I’m not saying I don’t regret eating that much in Europe, I
definitely DO NOT regret a thing! One day I had pasta for breakfast, lunch and
dinner! Thank you Italy!
So after a couple of hours of sitting on the couch one day,
eating macaroons and contemplating what I was going to do, I decided I needed
some motivation to kick start my weight loss journey.
I had heard of SkinnyMe Tea through my sister, who had used
the Colon Cleanse during a Detox for her issues with digesting. So after a lot
of research I decided to give it a try!
I received a gorgeous gift pack from SMT containing a 14-Day
Teatox, Conlon Cleanse, Zen pack, and Immune Tea – not to mention the all-famous
Strawberry strainer!
The best thing about this whole experience is it happened
just as the new SMT App was released, making it so much easier to plan out my
teatox and keep on top of it.
When I took my day one photos on the 14-Day Teatox, the first
thing I noticed was how bloated I was. I could have been pregnant for all
others knew!
Day 1 
This was where I noticed the biggest difference in my body,
I no longer swelled like I used to – having a flat stomach for the first time.
I also had so much more energy!
After the teatox and colon cleanse I was 5 kg lighter!  I was so shocked by the results!
Day 20 (after 14-day Teatox, Colon Cleanse and Immune tea)

Now of course it’s my job to tell you that this tea isn’t
something you can just drink and BOOM you’re skinny. I stayed on track with my
tea religiously as well as starting running.
I can safely say three months ago I had never run longer that
30 seconds in my life, so it was quite a challenge to get over how hard it was.
I can tell you that I now run for 30 minutes straight and I
can’t even describe how much I love it! Finally exercise I enjoy!
Running, teamed up with SMT was my savour! I ran every
second or third day for 10-15 minutes.
So if you are going to start trying SMT make sure you team
it up with some regular exercise!
Before and after – WOW!
One thing you do need to look out for is the Colon Cleanse –
this stuff is gold! You drink the tea at night before bed, so the next morning,
prepare yourself! For the first Colon Cleanse you take make sure you aren’t
going anywhere but on your toilet for the morning. The Colon Cleanse cleans out
your body, literally.
I had a few pains in the morning from my body cleaning up my
system but nothing that bad!
The Zen Tea was great when wanting to wind down after a long
day at work, it really soothed me like nothing else. I teamed it up with the
4-7-8 breathing technique and boom – I was the calmest I’d ever been.
Finally the Immune Tea, I still haven’t finished it but I
can tell you I just feel a bit healthier! My skin is better, I get no colds and
I feel fresher in the morning!
In conclusion, I cannot recommend SMT enough, it’s a great
way to kick start your weight loss and just improve your every day life!
You can buy SMT online at and choose
from many, many products and bulk packs!
I will continue doing another 14-day Teatox and also try the
amazing Acai Tea, ComplexionMe 14-day Teatox,  HealthyMe Tea and also the amazing Flowerbomb
for the bath!
They have  amazing
options guys,  so check it out!
Melbourne and Georgette

NOTE: M&G was not paid for this.

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