Tanzee – The Next Big Thing in Tanning

The Tanzee

Written By Melbourne and Georgette Editor
Georgia Power 
Last week I was spending countless amount of time on
Instagram – as per usual – and came across the best invention ever.
The Tanzee is going to be the biggest thing to hit the
tanning world since the tanning mitt. Yes I have made that call and I am
sticking to it!

So what is the Tanzee you might ask? Well prepare to have
your mind blown. Do you ever fake tan the night before a big event, and sleep
in it to get that extra bit of colour? I do.
Do you ever wake up in the morning with that fabulous tan
and then hear your mother or partner shrieking from the your bedroom? I do.
Are you sick of those orange sheets that you have to wash
the next day? I definitely am.
Well you don’t have to worry anymore. Just buy yourself a
Tanzee and your problems are solved.
The Tanzee is a high quality microfiber silk slip that
protects your sheets, pillows and duvet from being destroyed by your fake tan.
It is also made of the most premium, non-allergenic material possible, so you
won’t wake up with sniffles.
“The Tan Stays On You, Not Your Bed.”
Each Tanzee is lightweight and compact – folding into a
square shape – making it the perfect size for travelling and storing! The slip
itself also contains a hole for your pillow to slot in, which means no more
rolling off during the night. The silk is completely comfortable! It is breathable for those hot nights, but then gives you extra warmth if it is cold. It really is genius and I have already used mine countless times in just a week!

I was lucky enough to sit down with founder Maddie and ask
her about her amazing product.

Who are you? Tell us
a little bit about yourself!
My name is Madison! I
am just your regular 23-year-old girl, and I have created and founded Tanzee
all on my own, from the ground up.
Have you always
wanted to have your own brand?
I have always had the drive
for business, when I was 12 I used to spend all my pocket money on beads and
supplies and spend hours a night making my own jewellery which a store in my
local town would then stock and sell for me. Ever since then I have always had
new projects on the go, my parents were always so supportive, but I still would
not follow through out of fear of failing.
I didn’t do very well
in school and have always been stereotyped as the “Dumb blonde” my
whole life which has just given me more drive to succeed.
How did you come
up with the idea for the Tanzee?

I’ve always been
totally neat freak with my bedroom and have always hated the way that Tan
ruined my white sheets. I remember as a teenager I used to get embarrassed to
have friends sleep over because I’d have brown stained sheets from my fake tan!
I got so sick of it that a while back, much to
my mums disapproval, I shamefully started using sunbeds. Then in the middle of
last year after hearing more and more horror stories about the health risks
associated with sunbeds, I stopped using them and got back into fake tanning.
 Again I couldn’t stand the constant smelly and
stained sheets that I would constantly have to wash. I would also sometimes use
an old sheet and sleep in that, but it just never did the job!
One night after
tanning I said to my mum “I really wish I had something that I could just
slip in my bed and wash in the morning. Something that’s  easy so my tan don’t ruin my sheets!”.
And that was it. I
didn’t sleep a wink that night because I was up planning out Tanzee in my head.
The next morning I grabbed an old sheet and our sewing machine and created a
prototype for Tanzee.
What do you love
about the tanzee the most?
I love that
Tanzee is fixing one of the oldest and most annoying problems that us girls
have just decided we have to put up with! I love that it is actually going to
help a lot of girls and stop embarrassment! I love that they are so comfortable
and compact so we can take them anywhere! Most of all, I’m so excited we will
all be able to use our beautiful white sheets again! Yay!
Whats your
favourite Tanzee colour?
My favourite
Tanzee colour is Silver because it matches the cushions on my bed
The Tanzee is available online here for $34.95. So go pick out your favourite colour and spend more time enjoying life!
Melbourne and Georgette
This is not a paid review.

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