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Georgia Power 
There is something to be said about a brand that can take itself to the next level. And right now that brand is KOOKAI Australia. 
Having been a fan of the brand since I was a young child, KOOKAI has really shaped my fashion sense in the past 10 years. 
We may have lost touch a few times, but recently our relationship has begun to blossom again. And after this years Autumn/Winter runway, we are back on people. 

I was absolutely blown away by the designs this year – KOOKAI is moving away from the younger generation or teenagers and focusing more on the older womanly form. Definitely directed at the ages 20-30 who want to be chic, stylish and on point with there outfits! 

Changing this demographic can be risky, but dear god they’ve done it!

Each design could be perfectly matched up with their top quality leather jacket, or even the new (new by KOOKAI standards) trench coat. No more short mini skirts or extremely cropped tops! You could  see the focus on a woman’s figure, enhancing it and accentuating each curve in the best way. 
The event itself was amazing. Once again Two Birds Talking blew us all away with their organisational skills. Thanks ladies!

The runway was also perfectly planned out – going in a new direction every so often, just like the designs!

The outfits reflected the autumn/winter colours and finally, going out with a bang with gorgeous black pieces!

Can’t wait to see what influence this season will have on the fashion world! 
Here are a few of our favourite looks shot by one of our talented photographers, Nicholas Bowe. 

Congratulations to the whole KOOKAI team on their fantastic break through and amazing event!
Melbourne and Georgette
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