VAMFF 2015: David Jones Opening Runway


Written By Melbourne and Georgette Sub-Editor
Soha Refaat

For those of us swept up in the glitter in the fashion world, this time of year is one where we squirm in delight at all that is new and sparkly. As the dust of fashion week season begins to settle, it is also a time that we also feel a little bit lost. How can we pull together all these wonderful trends? Where can we source them? Why do the Parisians always look so fabulous? 
Last nights opening David Jones runway was an ode to Australian fashion!

DJ’s delivered on what we love them most for – doing all the hard work! The mining through the proverbial fashion quarries so that we can get easy access to the fashion diamonds. 

Established favorites like Camilla and Ellery reaffirmed their places as fashion royalty, and new players like Maje and Joseph showed us what we have to look forward to. And the best part about the whole runway? I know straight where to run afterwards to get my hands on all my favourites.
I think for me, VAMFF is special because it brings together the fashions from the world stage, and puts them on a Melbourne Platform. We like keeping it real in Melbourne, and VAMFF is the perfect place to get real, practical and tangible fashion inspiration.
If you’re looking for an answer on the parisians we can’t help you (we promise were trying), but as for the other two any Melbourne fashionista in the know will tell you that David Jones is where fashion magic happens, and VAMFF is the perfect showcase for it.



Keep checking out the blog for all the VAMFF runways and outfits over the next week!
Melbourne and Georgette

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