VAMFF: Premium Runway 3


Written By Melbourne and Georgette Founder
Georgia Power
The word sophisticated and chic echoed through the
crowd after the Premium Runway 3 sponsored by Elle Australia. It could be
because the designers wowed us with the unexpected. 
Runway 3 was graced with the designs of Bianca
Spender, Dion Lee II, Ginger and Smart, Life With Bird and finally, Manning Cartell.
Each piece was unique and different to the usual
designers style, and the crowd loved it. We were, to say the least, blown away
by the elegance of it all.
The background of the runway reflected the different
seasons and change of weather, marking a shift in the designers usual
Favourites for the evening:
Ginger and Smart, Manning Cartell and definitely Dion Lee II
Bianca Spender

Having learnt from her
mother, Bianca always seemed to be influenced by Carla Zampatti too. This time
round she seems to have completely broken off. Her designs were completely new
and original. 
We were graced with tailored Parision suits, beautiful raw silks, flowing evening
dressed and lots of unique colouring. All in all, definitely not what we were
expecting, but turned out to be what we wanted.

Life With bird
Urban style meets chic meets
structured shaping. Neutral shaping while surprisingly still able to maintain a
level of femininity. Life With Bird has taken the casual style and made it more without overdoing it. Simplicity is the key!

Ginger and Smart
Beautiful loose garments
contrasted with tight fitting silhouettes. They made it seems so effortless but
every pieces style was clearly planned to a T. Patterns were tasteful to the
eye, shaping each garment perfectly. We pretty much just wanted it all! 


Uptown funk you up, uptown
funk you up. Yep Kahlo’s collection was cool, chic and casual. All while
maintaining its elegance using gorgeous leathers and stylised contrasting
patterns. The fierce red lips and epic sunnies just made it too cool for school. Love love love.

Manning Cartell
MC really took things up a
level this year. I felt the collection reflected its older style back in 2008.
And we’re so glad because that collection was amazing. There was also a lot more casual wear than usual. Everything is about
detail and shape of the body. And camel. We love camel.

Dion Lee II
Hold up, Dion Lee II where
did you come from because you just blew our minds. The diffusion line is to
help out those who perhaps can’t fork out the extra dough for his main line,
and we actually think the collection is fabulous. The use of pleats created eccentric
lines on each of the designs and yet despite its drapery, was extremely classic
and feminine.

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Melbourne and Georgette
© All photos are copyrighted to Nicholas Bowe FLATSIX
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