VAMFF: Premium Runway 4


Written By Melbourne and Georgette Editor
Soha Refaat
When I was sixteen, poor, and fashion obsessed (not too sure how much has changed…), one of my friends got me one of the best presents I have ever received: A subscription to Shop til You Drop. It was literally my bible…they always seemed to know how to get everything right. The days when I’d come home to a fresh copy on the kitchen counter were the best days because I could spend hours dreaming about the best Australian fashion has to offer. 
Whilst I (hopefully) have changed since, Shop Til You Drop certainly haven’t lost their sparkle. Their runway had me in love, and my bank account crying. 
The show featured some of my all time favourite designers: Alice McCall, Shakuhachi, Akin by Ginger and Smart, Keepsake, and White Suede.
The theme of the night seemed to be  effortless dominance: The coveted art of looking fabulous without even trying.       
Alice McCall: Alice’s designs were everything a girl ever wants to be. They were fun, they were flirty, but most importantly they had personality. Floating silhouettes, and bold colours made their mark, as did Alice’s classic use of lace and tailoring.
Shakuhachi: I can’t quite figure out how to use a heart eye emoji on my laptop… but if i could this collection would get about a thousand. Shakuhachi have nailed it yet again. the tailoring and coats are enough to have us fawning.   
Akin by Ginger & Smart: I’ll admit I was surprised by how wonderful this collection was. Ginger & Smart have done a fabulous job of evolving their brand over the last few years, and this latest offshoot venture has done nothing but cement how far they’ve come. These dark florals and structured silouhettes will be popping up everywhere this autumn/winter – Keep your eyes peeled ladies!                    
Keepsake: Say hello to a new member of the monochrome gang: the polka dot! The collection was playful and cool – perfect for those times when you feel like black and white is too boring but some colour is too much.  
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