VAMFF 2015: GQ Menswear Runway

 GQ Menswear Runway

Written By Melbourne and Georgette Editor
Soha Refaat

There are times when being a fashion editor is hard work – attending the GQ runway was definitely not one of these times, and If you take a look at some of the photos you’ll see why.

The event was brimming with people – and for good reason. If the pretty boys weren’t enough to keep you entertained, the pretty clothes certainly did the trick. 

As I sat by the runway admiring the chiselled jawlines, something dawned on me. Perhaps the ladies have more than a goodie bag to take away from a mens runway. With this season being dominated by androgynous cool vibes, the GQ runway provided some important lessons on tailoring and balance.

Make like the boys, and take androgyny beyond the monochrome realm. Experiment with camel, grey and taupe tones to add dimension to your look.

Clean lines and detailed accents always make for a showstopper…. How about adding a patterned scarf to that black two piece?

 Its always nice to go to  a runway that changes your perspectives… Perhaps now its time to be shopping in the mens section!

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