The Marble Diaries



The Marble Diaries
Written By Melbourne and Georgette Editor
Georgia Power


It is safe to say that the Melbourne and Georgette family is in love with Marble; Marble bench tops, marble plates – the list goes on!

So it seemed fitting enough that we needed to spruce up the once object us bloggers use the most – our laptops.


If you haven’t seen marble covers around, then you have clearly been living in a cardboard box. Today’s post is introducing you to the amazing Uniqfind Marble Laptop cover.

Unlike other brands, Uniqfind offers a marble sticker that can easily fit under a Mac protective case (which offers more protection than most of the other cheap Marble covers)

Before you start thinking “Well, I’m not very good at stickers”, I can assure you, I am somewhat defective when it comes to stickers – applying the Uniqfind product was simple and quick!


I cannot begin to explain the amount of compliments I have had since pimping my laptop – so much so, I invested in the phone case too.
Uniqfind ships internationally and at affordable prices, allowing you coffee shop bloggers to stay chic and on trend.

The brand offers Macbook Skin, Iphone and Ipad covers, all of which comes in  a black or white marble, and white Marble Note Books.


Head to their website now to purchase your own – You wont regret it!


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