Raf Simons Leaves Dior

 We were with him through several stressful Paris Fashion Weeks, and witnessed it all first hand in ‘Dior and I’. Now world renowned designer, Raf Simons has decided to take his final bow with the couture brand.

Dior was left in pieces after its previous designer, John Galliano, went of on anti-sematic rants and struggled with drug addiction in 2011. After he left the company, the brand was so confused as to where it stood in the industry and the direction it was going to take that it was going to take a miracle to come back to life.

And thats just what they achieved. Raf Simons stepped in and brought colour, unique designs and a modernist feel back to Dior.

“It is after careful and long consideration that I have decided to leave my position as creative director of Christian Dior’s women’s collection,” Simons, 47, said in a statement.

“It is a decision based entirely and equally on my desire to focus on other interests in my life, including my own brand, and the passions that drive me outside my work. Christian Dior is an extraordinary company, and it has been an immense privilege to write a few pages of this magnificent book.”

No word yet as to who will take over the company, but the search is on.

Congratulations to Raf and we wish you all the best in your future!



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