MBFWA – Maticevski

Maticevski’s romantic girl is back. She’s still wonderfully elegant, strikingly bold; but year she’s got attitude.

This year Maticevski ‘pulled the thread’ from his last season. His masterful manipulation of fabric was as usual, a centre piece in his collection. Clean lines were contrasted with daring silhouettes. Ribbed pleats and origami folds reaffirmed why Maticevski is the crown jewel of Australian fashion.

Colour was used sparingly in the collection. Often the intricate manipulation of the fabric was mind blowing enough. The use of canary yellow was nothing short of genius.

The real standout however, was the considered use of accessories to accentuate the designs. Our romantic bad girl was shackled in sparkling handcuffs, and silenced by a jewelled mouthpiece. It was simply inspired.

The collection was also very separates heavy. Wearability seemed to be at the forefront of Maticevski’s clever brain this year. Whilst I would love to be able to wear Maticevski gowns every weekend, I am not Cinderella, and it seems Toni and his team have clued into this.

Australia has found its own Alexander McQueen. Fashion week is all about evolving and progressing Australian fashion and showing it off to the world. This year we’ve hit gold.

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