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In the last 6 months I’ve hit the rip age of 24, graduated from university, kept up on exercise, worked part time and also tried to run a blog – it’s safe to say that its taken its toll on my body. I recently realised that a lot of money that went into trying new brands of cosmetics (oh the joy of a new highlighter) wasn’t economically, nor physically beneficial. Why spend so much money on make-up when I should be trying to transform my skin into natural beauty? Meaning less effort, a natural coverage of makeup and more money for me.

When House of Maxx approached me to take part in my first ever ‘day spa’ experience, it was an offer I couldn’t resist. It’s pretty awful, but I’ve never had a facial in my life and for years I have been using cheap cleansers and moisturisers to ‘be fresh’. After learning of the damages that some products can cause on your skin, I definitely wanted to experience it with a clinic that wanted to repair what I already had.

House of Maxx is a young boutique skin clinic based on High St, Armadale that is making loud noises on the right social media platforms. Run by beauty product creator guru, Makayla, the clinic focuses on the health of the skin both internally & externally. Although only open a short time in retail terms, their expertise in skin, nutrition and the use of pure luxurious dermatological products make them the go to clinic for the east side.

When I first arrived at the clinic I was greeted by the friendly staff who immediately were there to assess my concerns I had with my skin and give me the best possible experience. I was then taken up to the observe machine and assessed on my skin condition. Due to my recent care; my skin was actually quite good, with a few issues. Scaring has been my biggest concern over the last few months and something that I am definitely self-conscious about.

My facial was done in a gorgeous room with a treatment bed, electric blanket and a relaxing atmosphere. House of Maxx offers three different types of facials – 30 min, 60 min and 120 min. However, each treatment differs depending on the person and the needs of there skin. This is something that I really love as everyone is different in their skin type and its reactions.

First, I was cleansed using a Dermaviduals milk cleanser to remove any dirt, pollution and make up. Then a Dermaviduals total cleansing cream to give the skin a deep cleanse and prep for the facial.

Next, an enzymes mask munches away at dead skin cells and cleans out the pores leaving a brighter and smoother complexion. Enzymes is a formula I am very aware of and use on a nightly basis to regenerate my skin cells – definitely try to use a product that has it.

After the mask was gently cleaned off, I was given a vitamin mask with base gel  that infuses your skin with essential vitamins that skin require to produce healthy cells and hydration and plumping from the base gel. It was massaged in to get my skin to soak up into any lines, creases and holes.

Finally my facial was finished off with a customised serum (green tea, Co enzyme Q10, vit c, vit E + zinc) to fight any environmental damage and stress, high classic and eye gel.

It is safe to say that everything felt fresh, smooth and hydrated and I was extremely relaxed. It was my first ever facial and now I think I am an addict.

To top off my experience at House of Maxx I was then treated to a Tuscan Spray Tan. I was so amazed by the colour after it fully developed – so natural and delicate. For someone who has pale skin it is definitely worth getting if you want to glow naturally without that orange tinge.

House of Maxx also offers advice from a Health & Nutrition Adviser who analyses diets & lifestyles to determine any aggravating factors.

If you suffer from Eczema, Psoriasis, PCOS presented skin, dry flaky skin, food intolerances, thyroid conditions and auto immune conditions or are just not happy with how you are feeling internally you could benefit from a visit to our Health & Nutrition Adviser. I am very excited for my appointment next week. After all great skin comes from within and what ever we eat can affect it greatly.

I think it is important that while I am young I take good care of my skin. I would rather be spending the money now while I have less to worry about than later in life when I want to get cosmetic surgery from all wrinkled skin. House of Maxx is a professional clinic that will make you feel comfortable and aim to achieve clear and bright skin for all their customers.

You can view their treatment menu here.

A big thanks to the House of Maxx team and I will be back!


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